Women's Self-Defense

In Tennessee a 12-hour women’s self-defense class is being hosted by the Sevierville Police Department every Tuesday in the month of March. The class is called called Rape Aggression Defense, and Officer Rebecca Cowan and Lt. David Finchum, both nationally certified R.A.D. instructors, teach it.

“The classes all build on each other,” Cowan said. “The only one you could really miss is the first one. It’s all about prevention. We could provide you with the books to catch you up a little bit, but if you miss the second class and try to come to the third, it won’t make any sense. We strongly recommend going to all four.”

The first session has already occurred, but it is still possible to attend the second one on Tuesday, March 11. Week two of the class focuses on how to get out of a situation in which a woman is grabbed by an attacker, and week three focuses on kicking and punching effectively. The final class is ground defense, including the proper way for a woman to fall without hitting her head, as well as simple ways to get away from an attacker on the ground.

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