WRB Pretender Holster

The WRB Pretender Holster is quality handmade and designed thin and smooth for excellent concealment. With the pouch removed the holster can be used as a regular “In The Pants” Holster.

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The holster features multi-layered, turned edges, and hand quilting quality insure long-lasting construction at a very reasonable price. The Pretender is total weapon concealment and only the pouch is visible, concealing the metal clip. Shirt/blouse tucks between holster and pants. Sizes available for most handguns and different cell-phone pouches are available.

The Pretender Holster Holds Various Gun Models:
* Beretta
* Ruger
* Glock
* Springfield XD
* Walther PPS
* Kahr
* Colt

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Cell Phone Models:
* Nokia
* Sprint
* Sanyo
* iPhone 5
* Personal Data Assistant

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