10 Necessary Improvements for Your Glock
10 Necessary Improvements for Your Glock


10 Ways to Customize Your Glock
10 Ways to Customize Your Glock

Glocks are popular handguns, and with good reason. Durable, accurate, reliable and affordable, Glocks offer top-tier performance at a cost well within the reach of the average shooter. And with its Gen4 series, Glock has complemented its trademark quality with sophisticated features such as interchangeable backstraps, a reversible magazine catch, an all-around Rough Textured Finish, integral rail and a dual recoil spring assembly for reduced recoil and faster follow-up shots. For the millions of Glock users nationwide (who include more than 65 percent of the country’s law enforcement officers), the pistol seems darn-near perfect. Shooter satisfaction, however, hasn’t dampened the growth of the market for Glock aftermarket parts. Like the 1911, the Glock is a popular object of customization, as users and hobbyists have taken to tinkering with their pistols to produce guns that give them exactly what they want.

I’m a Glock owner and aficionado. I’m also an avid customizer. Here are 10 changes, accessories and modifications that I’ve made to my G22 Gen4—changes that take an already great product and make it altogether mine: unique, stylish and perfectly suited to my specific needs and tastes.


McNally Trigger

The basic service trigger on a Glock is a bit spongy and jerks slightly when the firing pin is released. The McNally Trigger incorporates forward travel and a trigger stop within an adjustable trigger shoe (simply remove the slide to gain access). My McNally Trigger, installed by McGlock, gives me a crisp break with minimal overtravel. Recently, I took a course during which the students were put through a CQB “shoot house.” As I made my way through, I easily and accurately engaged every target.

For more information, call 214-232-3780 or visit http://www.mcglock.com/.


Glock Extended Slide Stop

McGlock also installed for me an extended slide stop, made by Glock, that (as on a 1911) makes it easier and therefore faster to bring the pistol back on target during a fight. Glock puts them on their G34s and 35s, and now it’s on my G22.

For more information, call 214-232-3780 or visit http://www.mcglock.com/.



I also had my Glock G22 Mag-Na-Ported. For .40 S&W, it makes a big difference in keeping the sights on target. During several runs through a combat course hosted by Praetorian Enterprises International, I experienced no muzzle flip at all. It was as though I was shooting 9mm and not .40 S&W. I was able to get accurate follow-up shots time after time.

For more information, call 586-469-6727 or visit http://www.magnaport.com/hgun.html.


LaserMax Guide Rod Laser

I’m not a person that uses a targeting laser a lot, but when I want one, I want it without going to my gear bag and finding and re-installing it on my weapon. The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser replaces the factory guide rod and springs and is easy to install and use. It gives a shooter the ability (by depressing what usually is the takedown lever) to light up a target with a sharp, red dot and does not require a proprietary holster.

For more information, call 585.272.5420 or visit http://www.lasermax.com/.


TRUGLO Brite-Site Fiber-Optic Sights

TRUGLO fiber-optic sights draw in available light to ensure that open sights are readily visible regardless of the lighting and environmental conditions. Differently colored front and rear sight, with the front at the same height and spaced equally between the rear dots, put your eyes quickly on target.

For more information, call 972.774.0300 or visit http://www.truglo.com.


SureFire X300 Light

The SureFire X300 does not replace a handheld flashlight, but having a pistol with a light attached may, in low lighting, save your life. They’ll also help your court case (“so Mr. Smith, how did you know whom you were shooting at that night if you couldn’t see them…”) The tough, 4-ounce X300 uses an LED bulb that provides up to 500 lumens of light—and for a period time far in excess of the that provided by non-LED lights.

For more information, call 800-828-8809 or visit http://www.surefire.com.



The XS Glass Assault Tool, designed for AR-15s, as well as for placement on SureFire lights (like my X300), makes it possible to penetrate glass without your having to first take your hands off of your Glock. In addition, it makes your pistol an effective impact tool for less-than-lethal encounters or when there’s a dispute over who gets to hold the pistol.

For more information, call 888-744-4880 or visit http://wwwxssights.com.


Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release

The Vickers Tactical extended mag release matches your Glock’s factory polymer, is easy to install and allows for rapid mag release without your having to shift the weapon. I like having the ability to expedite tactical reloads, because having an empty weapon in a gunfight is something I like having for as short a time as possible.

For more information, visit http://www.vickerstactical.com.


Lone Wolf 9mm Barrel

Recent .40 S&W ammo prices are a pain. A great solution is getting a Lone Wolf replacement 9mm barrel that drops in and with Glock G17 magazines allows a shooter to use cheaper ammo all day long—all the while maintaining excellent accuracy. The Lone Wolf replacement barrel is also useful for people taking training classes, at which you can sometimes go through as many as 500 rounds. The lower cost and reduced fatigue is something every shooter can appreciate.

For more information, call 208-448-0600 or visit http://wwwlonewolfdist.com.


SGM Large-Capacity Magazine

Large magazines are controversial, but the fact of the matter is that having a lot of cartridges in a magazine makes it possible to practice trigger control and sight alignment for an extended, uninterrupted period of time. For my Glock, I purchased a 50-round polymer and steel magazine, made by SGM, which works well and makes shooting fun—and that is what shooting should be: fun.

For more information, call 865-980-0510 or visit http://www.sgmtactical.com.


In Summary

The Glock pistol, and the .40 S&W in particular, is probably going to be the standard sidearm of sworn officers—and the preeminent defensive pistol for many responsible citizens—for decades to come. Gaston Glock has made what is perhaps the most perfect pistol in the world, but that doesn’t mean that each shooter can’t make it better for his or herself. Just like with the 1911 or AR, the possibilities are almost limitless.

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