Concealed Carry Applications Illinois
Two Southeast Illinois counties ranked at the top of the concealed carry applications in the state. (Courtesy: KFVS12)

Two southeastern Illinois counties within 10 miles of each other ranked at the top of a newspaper analysis of the highest number of concealed carry applications per capita.

The two counties — Hardin and White Counties — each had a rate of 12.5 applications per 1,000 residents.

According to KVFS12 in Illinois, 54 Hardin County residents have applied and 184 applications have come from White County residents so far this year.

“We are still going to limit classes to 22 people, so that we can give them the one on one that they need because they are paying for it,” Williamson County Gun Range president Mike Smith told KVFS12.

Smith said he expects an even bigger surge of folks wanting to come in and get their training as the weather gets warmer.

A spokesperson for the Illinois State Police told KVSF12 that the amount of applications has not caused a delay in the permits being issued.

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