The Apex Armorer Block & Tooling supports a polymer frame pistol for armory work and detail disassembly. The Pre-positioned bosses, slots and holes remove pressure from critical function surfaces while pins are driven in and out, and thumb Safety and Magazine disconnect drop into holes and slots to prevent damage no matter what position they are in. The High Density Polymer construction prevents marring of the frame while driving pins in and out. Retaining slots on each side of the block hold the striker making removal and installation of the striker spring a breeze.

One side is for the 45 striker, and the other is for the 9/40/357 striker. The moveable bosses are easily adjustable to position frames quickly and easily, the raised walls on each side of the block position the trigger bar within the trigger to easy trigger swapping. The Apex logo and contact information cast directly into the body of the block for easy identification and access to Apex’s tech support staff.

Dimensions & Details:
* 7” Long x 4” Wide x 1.5” Tall – Easily fits into a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box with room to spare.

Applicable to What Guns:
* S&W Semi Auto M&P Pistols- All calibers, sizes and configurations. Including thumb safety models and the M&P Shield.
* Glock Semi Auto Pistols- All sizes and calibers.

Ideal For Use By:
* Do-It-Yourself Home Gunsmiths
* Veteran Gunsmiths
* Law Enforcement Armorers
* Military Armorers
* Gadget and Tool Lovers

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