LBPD Concealed Carry Class
LBPD Concealed Carry Class. Credit: 9WAFB

Concealed carry permit applications and training numbers are up across the country.

Down in Baton Rouge, La., the local police department held its first ever concealed carry weapons class, which teaches participants the proper techniques that go along with carrying and handling a gun. The course ends with range training and permits being issued to those who complete it.

Baton Rouge Police Department Cpl. Don Coppola was on hand for the course where he said the participants were learning to feel safe and comfortable while using a gun.

“People feel safe when they have this, so you don’t want somebody to feel unprotected or scared of the gun, so this takes all those fears and subsides them,” Coppola told 9WAFB in Baton Rouge.

The next concealed carry course is April 26. The cost is a $100.

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