When Beretta created the Nano 9mm, there was only one thing to do from there: get smaller.

From “Nano,” which quantifies to “one-billionth,” Beretta has now gone to “Pico,” which quantifies to “one-trillionth.”

At only 18mm wide, the Beretta Pico is the thinnest .380 semiauto handgun on the market, making it one of the best in class for concealed carry and home defense. Besides being light, small and concealable, it offers easy use, adjustable sights, an ultra-reliable low-recoil mechanism and a tough, durable finish that, with proper care, will give its owner a virtual lifetime of service.

Weighing only 11.5 ounces unloaded, this double-action-only (DAO) pistol is comfortable and unobtrusive to carry, no matter your preferred mode. The Pico’s flat profile and snag-free lines make it perfect in a pocket holster, while its smooth sides and controls also make it ideal for inside-the-waistband carry — coupled with its extra-durable stainless-steel/polymer construction that is highly sweat-resistant.

With a stainless steel slide and a modular, technopolymer frame, the Pico is truly cutting edge. Like the 9mm Beretta Nano, the actual “gun” is the Pico’s internal subchassis, which contains its frame rails, trigger and firing system. Users can then swap out the frame for those of different colors or with accessories like lasers. The hammer-fired, short-recoil-operated Pico has a 6+1 capacity of .380 ACP.

The Beretta Pico features an extended magazine for a better grip and user-adjustable front and rear sights.

Another upside to the Beretta Pico is that it can be converted to .32 ACP by simply changing the barrel (offered separately). The existing magazine loads either .380 or .32 ACP. Changing the barrel is as easy as taking the gun apart for cleaning.

The MSRP on the Beretta Pico is $398 and it will be available late summer 2014.

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