The Bushnell Rubicon Lighting A350L Lantern offers up to 350-lumens of light with several convenient features for campers and outdoor recreationalists. The lantern was designed to serve as the central light source for camp, with a A350L that has a 30-hour runtime on high and a total of seven light settings. In addition to high, low, ultra-low and Red Halo modes, the A350L can quickly be converted to a spotlight with the twist of a collar on the lantern. The spotlight, which can operate in high, low or ultra-low mode, provides a directional beam that can be used to navigate back to camp or illuminate a trail.

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* 350 Lumens output using the spotlight
* Warm white comfortable light with a 30 hour run-time
* Light the whole campsite with the lantern or switch to the spotlight for directional lighting with a twist of the collar
* Red Halo low-lumen mode designed to enhance sight without compromising natural night vision
* High, low, ultra-low and Red Halo options available in both lantern and spot modes
* Rugged and durable

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* Light Output: 350Light
* Modes: High, Low, Ultra Low, Spot High, Spot Low, Spot Ultra Low, Red Halo
* Run Time: hrs30, 119, 2500, 30, 124, 2500, 126
* Beam Distance: m166 MetersWater Resistance:IPX4Impact Resistance:1 Meter (to Dirt)
* Length x Diameter: Not Applicable
* Height x Diameter: in10.8 x 4.5
* Weight w/Batteries: oz44
* Power Source:4D

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