Central Michigan Karate
Central Michigan Karate (CREDIT: Tianyu Han/Staff Photographer; cm-life.com)


Students of Central Michigan Karate are taking away more from classes than preparation for “real world” fighting circumstances.

The organization, which teaches the Korean Karate art of Moo Doo Kwan Tang Soo Do, promotes discipline and well-being for those interested in bettering themselves.

According to cm-life.com:

Central Michigan Karate is made up of three primary locations: Central Michigan University, Mid Michigan Community College and the Harrison Karate Club, as well as a satellite location in Grand Rapids. The club holds practices in Rose Arena twice a week and provides training and seminars for RSOs on campus interested in self-defense.

Those interested in learning from Central Michigan Karate can do so for a relatively inexpensive price.

James Cowley, who has risen up the ranks of the organization since joining in 2011, told cm-life.com that the maximum students will spend per semester in the karate club is $40.

“Karate Club trains from 8:30 to 10 p.m. every Monday and Thursday in Rose 126. Training is free, but testing requires a $20 uniform fee and $15 test fee.”

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