Chiappa will be introducing new versions of two of their current rifle models later in 2014: the Kodiak and the Little Badger.

The new version of the Kodiak will feature a changed lever loop, which will be altered to a wider “D” loop, making it more huntable and easily accessible.

The Little Badger, Chiappa’s most popular seller for the last year, will now be offered in a chrome version.

Chiappa’s .45-70 Kodiak has a stock and forend that are made of wood with “soft touch” paint and a layer of matt black rubber, which gives the surface a firm and pleasant grip. The rubber butt plate is also particularly soft.

The receiver, bolt, lever, barrel and all visible metal parts of the Kodiak are protected by corrosion through a special, matt chrome treatment called “hard chrome,” which, besides being absolutely elegant, remains unaltered through time. The Hard Chrome treatment contains ruthenium, a metal of the platinum family which yields an opaque finish that will not highlight finger marks.

The semi-octagonal barrel of the Kodiak — 18 inches in the U.S., 22 inches in the rest of the world — is manufactured by button rifling. The short magazine holds four shots, plus one in the receiver.

Another special feature to the 1886 model of the Kodiak is the Skinner sights. Manufactured by an artisan and produced in small series, the Skinner sights allow for an excellent precision, plus a functionality, aesthetical appearance and durability that make for the perfect match to a hunting rifle.

On the other side of the fence is the Chiappa Little Badger. The single-barrel foldable rifle is extremely light for the most comfortable carry.

The Little Badger folds to 16.5 inches in total length and features an adjustable rear sight.

Accessories included for the Little Badger are a nylon carry-bag and special cartridge holder. Optional accessories include an hammer extension, pistol grip and cleaning kit.

The Little Badger is available for the .22LR, .22MAG and 9mm Flobert.

While no availability date has been announced for the new Kodiak, the chrome Little Badger will be available in July.

For more information on the Kodiak and the Little Badger, along with other products from Chiappa, please visit

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