The CRKT K.I.S.S. Folding Knife is a revolutionary high-tech statement with its Tanto-inspired blade and bead-blast finish. The acronym stands for “Keep It Super Simple.” The folding knife is precision fine blanked for superior fit and smooth operation. Like all folding knives in the K.I.S.S. family, knife designer Ed Halligan’s unique two-piece construction features an integral frame lock, and a breakthrough design which seals the cutting edge against the handle.

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A thumb stud is used to one-hand open the blade, and as the blade is fully rotated open, the frame lock snaps crisply in behind the blade to give a sound lockup. The blade can be closed with one hand, simply by releasing the frame lock. The Original K.I.S.S. blade shape is Tanto-inspired—Chisel-Point grind on the front and flat on the backside—so that when the blade is closed onto its handle/frame, the precision fit effectively “seals” the cutting edge to the frame, even though it’s exposed. Both Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point Serrated edge grinds are available. Both blade and frame are 3CR13 stainless steel in a fine bead-blast finish.

The design of the K.I.S.S. series pocket/money clip permits them to be used in a variety of ways: clipped to the pocket; as a money clip knife; and with split-ring or lanyard, as a key chain knife.

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* Open Overall Length 5.75 inches
* Closed Length 3.5 inches
* Weight 2.3 ounces

* Length 2.25 inches
* Thickness 0.12 inches
* Material 3CR13
* Blade-HRC 51-54
* Finish Bead-Blast
* Grind Chisel-Point
* Style Tanto

* Material 3CR13

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