DRT 9mm
A look at the already released DRT 9mm Terminal Shock ammunition, which will soon be joined by the 357 Sig and 10mm ammunition in May 2014.

The ammunition from Dynamic Research Technologies (DRT) has always been ahead of the curve with its Terminal Shock capabilities. And now comes more to be excited about in the Terminal Shock line for shooters of all types.

DRT has announced two new additions to the manufacturer’s line of Terminal Shock ammunition: the 357 Sig and 10mm.

Both the 357 Sig and 10mm feature DRT’s proprietary powdered core technology, making them a perfect choice for both self-defense and hunting.

These rounds penetrate most common barriers including interior house walls, plywood and car doors. After passing through such barriers and entering organic material, the DRT projectile sheds its jacket, releasing the powered core and creating a massive wound cavity.

The likelihood of a pass-through is consequently greatly diminished.

With its ammunition, DRT inserts a compressed core of powdered metal that is not bonded or sintered. At the end of this operation, they have a projectile with perfect spin stability. In lead bullets there are bubbles in the core and impurities in the lead. In DRT cores, they use laboratory grade materials that are 99.9 percent pure. DRT then combines the bullet with prepped brass – sized, cut to length and weighed for a perfect match.

DRT’s neck size is within one half of a thousand’s on their brass cases. DRT’s powder tolerance is within three tenths of a grain. The technology of powder cores has an advantage over the lead technology especially when it comes to fighting wind drift.

The bullet flies more balanced in spin stability mode. On impact with harder metals, the powdered core disintegrates, thus no ricochet. When it penetrates a gel block or organic tissue, the hydrostatic shock of the soft material going into the hollow point actually makes the entire core projectile expand. There are no large chunks, just fine dust doing the terminal damage.


DRT’s 357 Sig and 10mm ammo will be available for order in late May at www.DRTammo.com.

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