The Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll-Away for Two (ER2) is an all-in-one mobile emergency preparation system, vital for survival situations such as evacuation or shelter-in-place scenarios. The Emergency System provides food, water, shelter, communications and first aid for two adults for an absolute minimum of three days (much longer with rationing).

The entire system can be easily housed in an easy to move rolling casing that allows you to be able to easily locate, and roll your entire system out should you need to evacuate on short notice. Once you’re clear of danger or need to continue on foot, the supplied backpacks and hydration systems allow you to stay moving on foot as needed. Your options are open.

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You can take delivery of your system and immediately store it in its final storage location with confidence. Every item in this system is pre-configured and ready for immediate use.

Pre-Configured and Ready Means:
* Packaging removed from all items.
* All electronics function tested.
* Documentation consolidated into water resistant packaging.
* All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency.

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