Springfield Armory continues to improve upon its own designs by creating variations of established and successful models, the newest being the XD-S 4.0 in .45 ACP. The  XD-S 3.3 in .45 ACP, introduced in 2012, put Springfield center stage in the race to create the world’s smallest production .45 ACP semi-automatic. From that platform the company introduced a 9mm version and, this past January, a new 4.0 model also chambered in 9mm. The next logical step was to offer the XD-S 4.0 in the heavy-hitting .45 ACP caliber.

Springfield’s XD-S Series combines industry-leading features such as a short grip frame for better concealment (even in a pocket holster), dual safeguards with blade trigger and grip safety systems, lightweight polymer frame construction and an energy-absorbing dual-recoil system spring and plunger to reduce muzzle lift.

By extending the slide length to just a fraction under 6.75 inches and the barrel from 3.3 inches to 4 inches, the new semi-auto XD-S 4.0 .45 ACP offers a longer sight radius and a 0.7-inch-longer barrel. It doesn’t sound like a lot of difference, but look at the XD-S 4.0 .45 ACP and you can see it.

The gun balances differently as well, and feels just a tad nose heavy compared to the 3.3 because it weights 2 ounces more, but all the additional weight is out front, and this all goes into the plus column for handling.

While the 4.0 is harder to conceal in a pocket holster because the longer slide and barrel push the pistol higher up in the pocket, when worn in a belt rig or the included XD Gear retention-adjustable, injection-molded paddle holster, the 4.0 is very easy to carry with modest cover such as shirt or open jacket.

Here the extra barrel and slide length are almost negligible, but when it comes to accuracy they both weigh in with the extended sight radius, extra barrel length and reduced recoil/muzzle lift.

The Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0 .45 ACP is currently not available for shipping. Dates will be released in the future.

Watch as’s Dennis Adler explains the latest XD-S 4.0 model in our exclusive debut video.

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