The Frontier Gunleather Falcon Holster is a greatly enhanced model of the old “Askins Avenger” holster originally designed by John Bianchi. The original design was to honor his old friend, the legendary Colonel Charles Askins, shooting author, soldier of fortune, great white hunter and pistolero who made gun history for 50 years. The original Askins Avenger holster has become one of the most copied holsters in the world.

The Falcon holster is handmade, and it embodies the best features of the very early Avengers with the addition of several improvements to enhance comfort, speed of access and eye appealing form fit. The Unique streamlined belt mounting system provides greater comfort and quick access with minimum bulk, with a reliable design featuring an immediate master firing grip, consider this a “Forever Holster”.

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Available for Most Large Frame Semi-Autos >>
* 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber
* 4” and 5” barrel lengths
* Colors: Black, Saddle Tan or Chestnut.
* MSRP: $110.00

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