For the August 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, reviewer William Bell evaluated the Glock 22 Gen4 to examine how the .40 pistol performed as a potential (and potent) concealed-carry alternative. “The G22 is based on the same medium-sized frame as the G17 9mm and has only 34 component parts, which demonstrates the design’s rugged simplicity,” says Bell in his review. “The pistol’s grip frame is slender; yet it holds a high-capacity, double-column magazine, which on the G22 will hold 15 .40-caliber cartridges (Glock also offers a 22-round magazine).”

Bell goes on to note that the interchangeable backstraps and texturing offered through Glock’s Gen4 grip frame added to the G22’s versatility and reliable firing on the range. “The Gen4 grip frame is modular, with interchangeable backstraps that can be replaced to better conform to each user’s hand size. A new, rough, wrap-around texture on the front, back and sides of the grip provides increased control in rapid fire and during inclement weather,” says Bell. “Internally, there’s a new dual (concentric) recoil spring system that increases the gun’s service life, and another improvement is the enlarged, ambidextrous magazine catch, which can be changed over in seconds for left-handed shooters.”

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When looking at the G22 as a potential concealed-carry option, Bell found the pistol’s dimensions to maintain a good balance between portability and knockdown power. “The size of the G22 Gen4, with its 4.48-inch, polygonal-rifled barrel, is just 7.95 inches long overall, 5.43 inches high and 1.18 inches wide. This makes
 it a good uniform-carry pistol, but it’s also not out of place for everyday civilian use. It’s empty weight is 25.59 ounces, and even fully loaded it weighs just 34.42 ounces—about the same weight as a number of older, larger designs that carry fewer cartridges,” says Bell. “This gun just plain works, and that’s right out of the box with no fine-tuning or aftermarket parts needed.”

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