The Gold Star Holsters In-The-Waistband Concealed Carry Holsters are meant for deep concealment, when worn the weapon is held tight to the body to prevent printing while providing maximum comfort. The IWB holster is for both men and women are the most comfortable holster you will ever wear. The IWB holsters are a combination of leather & Kydex with 2 clips that attach to either the pants or the belt, and all IWB holsters are manufactured with the combat cut standard.

The guns position in the holster is standard with a 15 degree cant, what this means for you is that the gun will first be in an ergonomic position for your hand and arm as you reach back to draw your weapon. Secondly, this brings the hand grip of the weapon back into your back rather than pointing out for others to see outside your shirt. Our leather also has adjustable holes that you can change the height of the clips to adjust the cant to make it the perfect fit for you. The Kydex for the IWB holster as in all of our holsters covers the trigger, the front sight and muzzle of the weapon. All of this provides rapid draw and maximum concealment.

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Most people find the most comfortable position to wear their IWB Holster is the 4-5 o’clock position. The easiest way to achieve this placement is to place the holster before you put your pants on, with the first clip at the side seam of your pants.

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