A connoisseur of target pistols over the years, Stan Trzoniec accepted the task of evaluating the .22 LR High Standard Victor for the 2014 GUN BUYER’S GUIDE. Right from the start of his testing, Trzoniec was a fan of the 10+1 rimfire’s classic lines, slim profile and solid handling. “The Victor is indeed the 
top of the line and includes all of the features that the dedicated paper puncher will surely appreciate. First of all, when you pick up this handgun, you know you have a pistol just made for target shooting. Tipping the scales at 48 ounces, right away it instills confidence that you will do well with this gun,” says Trzoniec in his review. “The sights are well engineered and come up fast, and with average hands, your index finger moves naturally to the trigger with the thumb resting comfortably next to the safety. If you are thinking that it has the operational features of the popular military-type Model 1911, you are right!”

Trzoniec’s experience on the range also allowed him to appreciate the High Standard Victor’s grip frame, which he considers equal to other elite competition designs on the market. “Concerning the grip frame, it is patterned and set to match the military auto, and I personally find it very comfortable to hold and shoot,” says Trzoniec. “In polling some of my friends over the years, just about all like this gun as it favors the grip angle of other competitive guns like those from Smith & Wesson and Colt when it comes to premium target guns.”

The High Standard Victor’s performance at the range was no less impressive. “In reality, the gun is definitely more accurate than the shooter! From a braced position at 25 yards—if you take your time, breathe right and acquire an acceptable sight picture—the results can be most pleasurable,” says Trzoniec. “I’ve shot target pistols for a long time, and believe me, they all can have their in’s and out’s, but the Victor seems to be very consistent in the long haul.”

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