When Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt went into improbable action in Mission: Impossible II and Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol, he had in his hand a GLOCK 17 9×19. In the wild action-comedy Knight and Day, Cruise tried out the compact GLOCK 19. But while every internet junkie was complaining that Tom Cruise was too short to play the title character in Jack Reacher, I was too busy enjoying a good-old-fashioned action film with a good plot and great performances from Cruise, playing a former military investigator turned off-the-grid drifter, and Robert Duvall, playing a salty former Marine and gun-range owner. In the rain- and blood-soaked finale, Cruise goes up against the bad guys with a G17.

“Between your faith and my GLOCK 9mm, I’ll take the GLOCK.” When Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke those words about his GLOCK 34 in End of Days.

When I was a kid, G.I. Joes were 12 inches tall and carried the standard-issue weapons of the U.S. military; but in this year’s summer blockbuster G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the Joes team is so well-armed with the polymer wonderguns that the movie might well have been called G.I. GLOCK. Channing Tatum’s “Duke,” D.J. Cotrona’s “Flint” and Adrianne Palicki’s “Lady Jaye” are all armed with GLOCK 21s in .45 AUTO. And wrestling-star-turned-actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s character “Roadblock,” with his pair of tricked-out GLOCK 21s, takes movie GLOCKs to the next level.

Milla The Fifth Element Jovovich’s Alice borrows a G17 from Li Bingbing in the latest assault on the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil: Retribution. Daniel Craig’s James Bond may be stuck with his puny Walther PPK, but Ralph Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Fiennes, the new “M” in Skyfall, comes packing a 9×19 G17. Also on the screen in the new Bond pic is a full-auto GLOCK 18 with a 100-round Beta drum magazine—property of the gunman Ola Rapace.

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In the big-screen comedy remake of the ‘80s TV show 21 Jump Street, Channing G.I. Joe Tatum and Jonah Moneyball Hill play two lame cops going undercover as high-school students to nab a drug dealer selling a deadly narcotic. These partners in fighting crime, armed with G17s, get a rude surprise on their arrival on campus when they discover what’s considered “cool” today is very different than when they were in school.
In The Bourne Legacy, Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz try to survive a Matt Damon-less Bourne movie with compact G19s. Actor/playwright Sam Shepard also totes a G19 in the Brad Pitt-starring mobster comedy Killing Them Softly.

On TV, moody sheriffs topline some hot dramas. Banshee tells the story of Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con who takes the identity of a murdered sheriff in an Amish town named Banshee. The town’s deputies all carry G17s, and with them they bring justice down upon the heads of the show’s evildoers. On CBS, the New York City cop family played by Tom Selleck and Will Estes in Blue Bloods carry the Big Apple’s uniformed officer’s best friend—the G19. In Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt, Tom Selleck’s sheriff still hasn’t given up his 1911, but possible killer Robert The Cowboys Carradine is doing his deadly work with a lever-action rifle and a G17. With a smooth drawl and a smooth draw, Justified’s Raylan Givens, played by Timothy Olyphant, delivers his personal brand of justice with his G21.

In 2014, we once again find the Austrian autopistol taking on televised threats of a supernatural nature. In The Following, Kevin X-Men: First Class Bacon with his G17 9×19 tracks down the followers of a satanic, Edgar Allan Poe-inspired cult leader. Bacon is no stranger to GLOCKs, having acted alongside a .40-caliber G27 in Death Sentence. On doing these shoot ‘em up projects, Bacon said, “I’d really like to get the girl, shoot the gun, drive the car, have fun. I even have these kind of action dreams, where I’m the action guy.”

In Atlanta, Glen (Steven Yeun) and Hershel (the great Scott In Cold Blood Wilson) arm themselves with good zombie medicine—the G19—in AMC’s zombie apocalypse soap opera The Walking Dead. Sheriff Rick (Andrew Love Actually Lincoln) even got his hands on a silenced GLOCK for some zombie head popping. The SyFy Channel’s Defiance is the latest sci-fi project predicting a dystopian future. Albino aliens have taken over the world, or something, but at least the good guys still have their G17 9x19s.

Murderers, monsters and madmen—when the cinematic good guys fighting them reach for their sidearms, they’re usually drawing GLOCK autopistols.

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