Author Jorge Amselle’s investigation into cutting-edge gun safes brought him to review two new fast-access safes from Hornady Security for the 2014 GUN BUYER’S GUIDE. Considering a wide range of factors, including the number of residents in a home, their ages, and overall comfort level, Amselle examined Hornady’s RAPiD Safe and its TriPoint Lock Box. “The RAPiD Safe is specifically designed for those times when seconds count and you need your handgun immediately accessible without sacrificing anything in terms of safety and security,” says Amselle in his review. The safe itself is made from 16 gauge steel and is very solidly built, weighing over 15 pounds. For additional safety, a 1,500-pound-rated steel cable is included, which allows the user to secure the entire safe and its contents to a solid object so it cannot be removed by an unauthorized person.”

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While impressed with the RAPiD Safe’s overall design, it was the safe’s unique identification system that made Amselle believe in its ability to deliver its promised results when needed. “The real innovation…is in how the RAPiD Safe opens. On
the front of the safe there is a simple four-button programmable code that
can be entered to access the safe,” says Amselle in his review. “A key-operated backup system is also
in place in the event of a complete power outage and no battery life. This 
is similar to the system many fast-access safes use. However, Hornady has added a revolutionary concept in firearm protection, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to provide even faster and more convenient access.”

Moving on to Hornady’s key-operated TriPoint Lock Box, Amselle recognized one of the TriPoint’s most important features: portability. “The…exterior dimensions make it easy to fit into a range bag or suitcase for travel, and it has been TSA-approved for air travel. Just make sure your handgun is unloaded, the case remains in checked baggage and you declare it at the ticket counter,” says Amselle. “It also features an industry first TriPoint triple lock mechanism that uses 0.5-inch-wide steel lugs to engage the lid of the safe to the body at three points of contact.”

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