The Hornady Hot Tub features a 9 liter capacity, and it is long enough to accommodate and clean a 16 inch AR-15 upper. In addition to having 4 transducers, there is also a heating element that enhances cleaning action, which is especially useful when cleaning gun parts. Combined with One Shot Sonic Clean solution, the microjet action of the Hornady Hot Tub removes carbon residue and other debris from cartridge cases, gun parts and other metal equipment.

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Unlike traditional tumblers, sonic cleaners can clean internal and external surfaces of cartridge cases and primer pockets. One 1.7 quart inner tank comes with the unit and can be used in the main tank for cleaning multiple smaller batches or to use separate solutions at the same time. Additional inner tanks can be purchased separately. Hanging cords have been integrated into the design to allow large objects to take full advantage of the ultrasonic energy. Additionally, the Hot Tub features integrated drain pans in the lids, a small parts basket, a degas function and 5 temperature settings from 100-140°F.

Hot Tub Main Tank Dimensions:
(9 Liters / 2.3 Gallons) 25.5″ x 7.0″ x 4″ /

Internal Divider Tank dimensions (sold separately):
6.7″ x 4.7″ x 3.2″ (1.6 Liters / 1.7 Quarts).

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The Hornady Hot Tub features a 9 liter capacity, and it is long enough…