A Southeast Houston homeowner shot and killed a home invasion suspect to protect himself and his wife early Sunday morning.

According to Click 2 Houston, after trying to initially get in through the front door of the home, the 20-year-0ld suspect kicked in a side door where he was met by the 56-year-old homeowner. reported:

The homeowner shot the suspect who then fell to the ground. But the homeowner told authorities that at that point he saw the man reach toward his waistband. Fearing that the suspect had a weapon, the homeowner then fired a second shot, striking the suspect a second time in the abdomen.

Sgt. Baron Glover of the Houston Police Department said the home invasion could have been much worse if the homeowner wasn’t armed.

“Usually when people kick in the door and come in on you in a home invasion they’re not just there to steal, they’re there to hurt you a little bit,” Glover told Click 2 Houston. “It’s good these people had a weapon to protect themselves … and they came out okay.”

According to multiple media reports, the suspect later died after being transported to a local hospital.

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