With the market for 1911 handguns becoming increasingly competitive, author Robert A. Sadowski set out to understand how the new Kimber Ultra Raptor II handled as an everyday carry option and defined itself against its many .45-caliber competitors for the August 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. This included an examination of the Ultra Raptor II’s performance on the range and also a look at how Kimber (and the Kimber Custom Shop) has maintained its reputation for high-quality 1911 pistols.

“What makes the Ultra II models different than standard 1911s is the Ultra II’s bull barrel. The 3-inch, ramped, match-grade stainless steel bull barrel is fitted to the slide, so there is no need for a barrel bushing to center the
barrel when it goes into battery,” notes Sadowski in his review. Moving on to the Kimber pistol’s construction, Sadowski quickly noted the quality in the gun’s parts and construction. “The Raptor comes out of Kimber’s Custom Shop. The striking metal work is what first catches the eye with the Raptor,” says Sadowski. “The slide-to-receiver fit of the Kimber Ultra Raptor II was very tight. Nothing was loose, and nothing wiggled to hinder accuracy. This particular Ultra Raptor II was finished in a matte black, and with the blonde wood grip it is a handsome, well-groomed pistol.”

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At the range, Sadowski’s evaluation proved that the Ultra Raptor II’s performance and accuracy matched the expectations set by its attractive appearance. “Using a rest at 15 yards, I was able to easily keep five-shot groups to 1 inch. If I spent some more time with the Raptor, I’ll bet I could have split playing cards. I was pleased with the accuracy and performance. Out of the box there were no malfunctions; the Raptor tore through the ball ammo.”

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