Midwest Gun Works Lockdown Firearm Wipedown Kit

The Midwest Gun Works Lockdown Firearm Wipedown Kit is a great addition to any gun vault, keeping everything you need to maintain the exterior of your firearms in perfect condition. The Wipedown kit includes a silicone impregnated cloth, a bottle of protecting oil, and an application brush. The kit easily mounts to any vault door with either the hook back to attach to carpeted doors, or a magnet to attache to metal doors without carpeting. Even with properly controlled humidity in a vault, metal surfaces on firearms can be damaged by salts and acids transferred from the skin during handling.

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The Wipedown Kit comes with a silicone impregnated cloth, a bottle of protecting oil and a small oil application brush. The molded housing hangs conveniently inside or outside any vault and keeps the supplies within reach when you need them. Protect the finish of your guns by wiping off fingerprints before storage Keeps oil, brush, & silicone cloth handy Universal Attachment System includes hooks for carpeted interiors & magnets for metal interiors

Hanging Organizers Featuring the Universal Attachment System:

LOCKDOWN accessories feature a unique Universal Attachment System for easy installation in any vault. All hanging accessories come with both Vampire Clip style inserts for use with carpeted interior vaults as well as High-Strength Magnet inserts for bare metal interiors. The interchangeable inserts can quickly be removed and installed for any particular application. These same inserts are compatible with and are included on the molded organizers as well as the fabric hanging organizers. The Vampire Clips incorporate a strong steel wire with two sharp points designed to penetrate fabric or carpeted liners and lock into place. The Magnet inserts utilize very powerful rare-earth magnetic disks which are rubber coated to protect painted surfaces and prevent slipping.

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