The Midwest Gun Works Lockdown Stealth Entry Light is designed to mount on the outside of your vault and illuminate the dial. Access your vault quickly and discretely with the Stealth Entry Light by illuminating the combination dial in a dark room without turning on the room light, allowing you to open your vault. Magnet base sticks to vault door while flexible head allows user to bend and twist the head to the desired location. The rod retains shape and holds the head in place, and it can also be used inside of the vault to direct light to any location with the flexible head. It Runs on three button cell batteries (included).

* Ultra bright 3 LED light
* Illuminates combination dial
* Allows fast entry into vault in a dark room
* Magnetic base & flex head
* Convenient for adding extra light inside a vault
* Battery operated, runs on 3 button cell batteries (included)

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