Midwestgunworks Lockdown Safe Accessories Kit

Midwest Gun Works Lockdown Deluxe Accessories Kit contains everything required for a new vault, safe and more! The Deluxe Accessories Kit includes a 12″ dehumidifier, a large hanging organizer for the door, a hygrometer, an automatic cordless light, a magnetic barrel rest, and vault anchor bolts. Everything you could want in one complete kit.

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* 12” Dehumidifier Rod Eliminates moisture and protects from rust, corrosion and mildew which is harmful for all firearm collections
* Large Hanging Organizer makes great use of the lost space on the door, letting you hang handguns, magazines and knives.
* Universal Attachment System lets you hang the organizer on both carpeted or bare metal interiors.
* Hygrometer is great for visually monitoring the humidity level inside your safe.
* Automatic Cordless Vault Light allows you to illuminate exactly where more light is needed.
* Magnetic Barrel Rest provides a safe place for your firearms while accessing your safe.
* Vault Anchor Bolts rigidly secure your safe to floor or studs in the wall for an extra level of protection.
* MSRP: $80.00.

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For more information, visit: midwestgunworks.com

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