In his search for a versatile home-defense weapon that could be used by multiple family members, author Denis Prisbrey reviewed the Mossberg 500 HS410 shotgun for the Spring 2014 issue of PERSONAL & HOME DEFENSE. Intrigued by the Mossberg’s low-recoil .410 chambering, Prisbrey set about explaining the defensive advantages of a shotgun and range testing the model in question.

“One advantage of the shotgun in defensive situations is that expert marksmanship skills are not required to use it efficiently,” notes Prisbrey in his review. “If you launch nine 00 buckshot pellets in the general direction of a target, at least one or two are sure to hit it.”

Upon inspecting the Mossberg, one of Prisbrey’s first observations involved how the lightweight design and chambering combined to make it usable by a range of self-defense shooters. “The Model 500 Home Security is very mild-mannered and a great candidate for a wide range of ages,” says Prisbrey. “Built on a lightweight alloy frame, the 18.5-inch-barreled shotgun uses a standard under-barrel magazine tube, loads from the bottom and ejects from the right side in traditional fashion.”

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At the range, Prisbrey noted the defensive potential of the Mossberg 500 HS410, including its maneuverability thanks to an ergonomic fore-grip. “Throughout the range test, the little 500 HS410 was very light on the shoulder and dynamic in the hand,” says Prisbrey. “The fore-grip feels quite comfortable in use, it’s compact enough to travel well if necessary, and the safety’s convenient location up by the thumb has long been one of Mossberg’s design strongpoints on its pump-actions.”

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