Gun Safety Program

Starting this summer, the Northport Police Department in Alabama will partner with the National Rifle Association (NRA) for a series of gun safety programs for children.

According to, the Northport PD is looking to bring the program to day camps, churches and “any other function or organization that hosts children who are Pre-K to third grade this summer.”

The Program runs for 15-45 minutes per day for five days, and interested parties need only to contact NPD to set up the short class. After that, Baker said the police department will handle everything. Officers will travel to wherever the event is hosted and bring their own materials including coloring pages, educational videos and pamphlets designed to teach both children and parents important ways to keep deadly accidents from happening.

The NRA’s program stresses to children that if they see a gun, they should “Stop; Don’t Touch; Leave the Area; and Tell an Adult.”

The program will continue beyond the summer. Anyone wishing to book the program can do so at anytime by contacting Community Relations Officer Carrie Baker at 205-469-1385 or

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