Prograde Ammunition Defense Grade

Self-defense ammunition needs to be at a minimum accurate and thoroughly reliable—and on both counts ProGrade’s Defense Grade Ammunition delivers. Handloaded to the tightest tolerances with Hornady XTP, Barnes TAC-XP or Nosler jacketed hollow points, ProGrade Defense offers best-in-class performance along a variety of metrics, including expansion, penetration and reliability. No matter the situation, ProGrade Defense has cartridge certain to suit your needs and keep you well protected.

With its heavier jacket, the Hornady XTP expands at a controlled rate over a wide range of velocities, making it an ideal choice in a variety of defense situations. The Barnes TAC-XP is a lead-free defensive round which maintains its original weight even after having been fired through plywood, glass and even car doors. The Defense Grade line also features Nosler jacketed hollow point bullets, which delivers shot-after shot accurate performance and proven reliability.

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