Patty Walker, a senior instructor at Firearm Training Pros in Aurora, Illinois outlined her proposal to change state law to allow an eight-hour online concealed-carry training course, in addition to the eight hours of hands-on training. The Aurora firearms training facility wants to see online concealed carry courses replace classroom training required by Illinois state law. Currently, those wishing to be issued concealed carry permits must complete 16 hours of training. Half of that training is done in the classroom, and the other half is hands-on instruction. The two-day class can cost hundreds of dollars, and might not be the most efficient way of doing things, suggests

“Owning a firearm is a massive responsibility, and if you’re a concealed weapon carrier, that is expounded upon dramatically,” Walker said. “It is imperative for people to understand and know the laws.”

An eight-hour lecture, she said, is not the best way to ensure this fact. “I could stand up there and rattle off the laws, but that doesn’t mean you understand them. You know how legal jargon can get … Online training allows students to go through their training at their own pace,” she said. “They are able to go back and review something they don’t understand.” Employees and trainers at Firearm Training Pros have created a mock online course that mirrors what they are looking to propose.

Walker said students must take the class in the order it is presented, and are prohibited from jumping ahead. Pop quizzes, videos and Power Point presentations are all featured. Students can also access a Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact instructors with questions.

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