Fobus RBT Series Holster
The RBT Series Holster is the newest holster option for handguns with lower rail or trigger guard mounted lights or lasers from Fobus Holster & Pouches.

Fobus Holster & Pouches has introduced its RBT Series Holster, the newest holster option for  handguns with lower rail or trigger guard mounted lights or lasers.

The RBT holsters were built with reinforced polymer. The makeup of the holster makes it extremely lightweight. Retention is provided by a leather thumb break and muzzle stud. The hinge of the RBT holster allows for a natural draw without impeding the attached light or laser.

The Fobus RBT Series Holster comes with the Fobus paddle that allows the holster to ride high and keep a low profile.

The RBT17 model fits the GLOCK 17, 22 and 31, while the RBT19 fits the GLOCK 19, 23, and 32. The retail on both models is $64.99. As with all Fobus holsters, the RBT Series is maintenance free and comfortable for everyday wear.

The RBT Series joins a family of tactical holsters from Fobus. Alongside the RBT Series is the GLT Series. According to Fobus, the GLT holster was created to answer the many requests the company received “to provide a carry system that would accommodate a handgun utilizing accessories that were either rail or trigger guard mounted.”

The GLT Series allows for the handgun to be held securely in place by utilization of a muzzle stud and a safety strap that encircles the trigger guard. While assuring positive retention, rapid presentation of the handgun is made easy due to the open withdrawal slot on the rear of the holster and the design of the safety strap.

Fobus Holsters were first developed in Israel for the Israeli military and special services. As a leader in injection molding polymer technologies, Fobus developed the first lightweight and durable retention concealed carry holster and continues today to be the standard-bearer for innovative holster design.

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