Sharp Shooting and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department teamed up to host a safe business practice workshop in response to an approximate of a dozen robberies in Spokane County. Around 15 businesses were represented at the self-defense workshop, that was lead by four experts in safe business practice and the use of lethal force.

Darin Teichmer and his wife are new owners of Tony G’s Espresso in Medical Lake as of January. “With this rash of coffee shop robberies, we just thought it would be a good idea to learn about the safety and keeping ourselves safe there, and our employees safe,” said Teichmer.

Sharp Shooting owner, Robin Ball, said the goal of the class is to keep employees safe and make businesses a hard target. According to Ball, there are many different ways to do that including, “Better lighting, better locks, securing windows, do the employees have a location where they can go? Where they can retrieve and be safe,” said Ball. Now that some businesses and choosing to arm themselves, including Jitterz Java who was robbed three times, the workshop will go over Washington law and the use of lethal force.

“We want people to be safe and legal so they don’t escalate their problems as opposed to reducing their problem,” said Ball.

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