For the 2014 GUN BUYER’S GUIDE, author Andy Massimilian was tasked with evaluating the Sig Sauer P227 Nitron. The double-stack .45 pistol intrigued Massimilian not only for its lightweight design but its ability to hold 10+1 rounds of powerful self-defense ammo, and he set out to see how it distinguished itself from previous Sig designs, including the P220. “The goal of Sig Sauer engineers was to make a pistol that held 10 rounds in a standard-length magazine that was comfortable to hold, and to use the same slide assembly as the P220 series pistols,” says Massimilian. “The P227 alters the gun fit/capacity tradeoff. Holding 
10 rounds in the magazine, the P227 gives
 you two more rounds than the Sig Sauer P220 (Read Full Article).”

During his review, Massimilian noted several modifications to the P227’s frame and grip designs that improved ergonomics on the range. “The grip reduction is most noticeable where the backstrap meets the web of the firing hand and where the middle finger grasps the frame just under the triggerguard,” says Massimillian. “This undercut triggerguard was given the wider radius used on Sig Sauer’s P226 X-Five competition pistol to give you a higher hold on the pistol and less perceived recoil as the forces are channeled more rearward than upward. Because the grip size is reduced at both the top and the bottom, the pistol’s grip angle and pointing characteristics are not changed.”

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Putting these new features to the test at the range, Massimilian came away impressed by the Sig P227 Nitron’s trigger stroke and it’s capability for easy follow-up shots. “The P227 shares the smooth double-action trigger stroke and crisp single-action break of all Sig Sauer P-series pistols. With the proper grip, firing a rapid, accurate shot double-action is not difficult with this pistol.”

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