Solkoa Emergency Fire Starting Kit

The Solkoa Emergency Fastfire Starting Kit is a simple and durable design that minimizes both weight & bulk, yet maximizes capability. The carbon steel hacksaw blade is an effective striker with additional functions for cutting & fabricating dense manmade materials (metals, plastics) beyond the capability of knives and multi-tools. The key to SOLKOA’s Fastfire Fire Starting Kit is their solid fire starting tinder. The Fastfire solid cube is ideal tinder when trying to get a camp or survival fire going in most any conditions.

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Fastfire is a cubic-inch of high-energy tinder resembling a piece of plastic foam (it isn’t). The blocks are hermetically and individually sealed in heavy-duty Mylar wrap for long term storage, and the blocks can be easily cut into smaller pieces as needed for extended survival or general use. The full block will burn for 10-12 minutes. If cut into 8-pieces for extended use, each piece will produce a flame for 2-3 minutes; more than enough to ignite most kindling.

* Generates a sustained, 1300°F flame in just seconds
* Burns even when WET!
* Wind resistant
* Smokeless and odorless
* Ignites easily from a spark or any flame
* Very low flashpoint (140°F)
* Lights under conditions where other tinders would fail
* Each tinder is packaged using a rugged, high quality foil that guarantees long shelf-life and durability
* Solid cubes don’t leak, spill, or foul up your other gear
* Left whole, one cube will burn vigorously for 10 – 12 minutes
* If divided into eights, eight seperate fires may be generated, with each tinder piece burning for 2-3 minutes
* Once extinguished, the Fastfire material cools to the touch within seconds

Complete Fire Starting Kits Come in Two Sizes:
· Emergency Fire Starting Kit with 2 Fast fire cubes and a Faststrike,- $16.95 MSRP
· Fire Starting Kit with 4 Fastfire cubes – $19.95MSRP

Fastfire Packaged Cubes can Be Purchased Separately:
· Four for $7.95 MSRP
· Eight for $10.45 MSRP.

Bulk purchases of individual sealed Fastfire cubes are also available on request.

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