The Tactical Wall Concealment Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) is designed to work with standard 2″x 4″ walls found in most homes and apartments in the United States. No interior wall modification is required, and is simple to hang right onto the surface of your wall. Each shelf is supplied with a set of shelf brackets that are to be installed on the top of the shelf for added support as well as also acting as an elegant set of bookends.

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The 825 PLS was crafted in the United States with real hardwood this elegant shelf will bring a touch of style to any room, and it is easy to install with all the usefulness of a shelf. The 825 packs an extra punch with the discreet foam lined cavity hiding just beneath the surface. To access the concealed compartment simply disengage the two hidden locks with the supplied magnetic keys, and once the locks are disengaged the lower half of the shelf is smoothly lowered with the assistance of pneumatic struts. Optional L.E.D. lights light the way as you access your hidden cache.

The medium density polyurethane foam insert is easily modified to suit your needs and give you ample room for various home defense items. Once configured to your liking simply cut the shapes you desire out of the foam, peel the self adhesive backing off of the back of the foam, and install it to the inside of your shelf. The foam will securely hold your items without moving and rattling keeping them right where you need them.

With the 825 PLS installed you will enjoy the the beautiful and useful addition to your room, compliments from your friends and family, and most importantly, the peace of mind in knowing that your home defense plan is more flexible and enhanced throughout your home.

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