Intrigued by a new 1911 model from Taylor’s & Co., the Taylor’s 1911-A1 FS Tactical, author Dennis Adler put the Government Model 1911 through a series of evaluations for the 2014 GUN BUYER’S GUIDE. Manufactured by Armscor in the Phillipines, the rugged Taylor’s 1911-A1 FS Tactical quickly showed why it’s a solid choice for everyday carry. “All the tactical features on the Taylor’s model are based on current Rail Gun designs, right down to the front and rear slide serrations, the dovetailed front and adjustable white-dot rear target sights, the skeletonized trigger and hammer, the dustcover’s Picatinny rail, the generously curved walnut grips, the flat mainspring housing and the palm swell grip safety with upswept beavertail,” says Adler in his review. “Standard features also include two Italian-made, eight-round magazines with extended base pads and anti-tilt followers, a flat black (Parkerized) tactical finish on the frame and slide, blued barrel, checkered mainspring housing and large, ambidextrous thumb safeties.”

After a thorough examination of the A1 FS Tactical, Adler notes how the Taylor’s & Co. 1911 earns the “tactical” title in its name. “The A1 FS Tactical is not a shiny, bright-blued 1911 copy,” says Adler. “The Taylor’s model is all business—not a pretty gun, but one that looks like it is ready for deployment with spec ops or SWAT.”

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On the firing line, Adler (CLICK HERE to read the article and see the Video) was impressed with the A1 FS Tactical’s handling and how it inspired confidence in the shooter based on its no-frills design. “The ambidextrous safeties are also very firm and click
into and out of lock with unmistakable authority. This also helps avoid accidentally engaging the safety when using a high grip on the gun. Same for the slide release; firm but not excessive effort required,” notes Adler. “The gripping surfaces (checkered walnut grips, serrated front strap and checkered mainspring housing) all provide a solid, tactile surface for
bare hands or tactical gloves. The skeletonized trigger averaged a smooth 5.8 pounds with a short…take-up, crisp break and quick reset. Overall, this is a gun that looks and feels like it should perform well in the field.”

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