The Telor Tactical T-Fit Ankle Holster molds to both you and your gun for a perfect fit. The custom T-fit Holster creates a shield between you and your gun that comfortably keeps it secure and ready to draw. The features of T-fit holster are that it is machine washable, breathable medical grade material that increases airflow which reduces moisture and heat buildup. Unlike leather holsters, the T-Fit Holster won’t retain sweat or smell. The fit will be perfect and it will never cut off your circulation. T-fit will fit you and your gun to a “T”

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* Lightweight
* Cool from air-flow design of all materials so less sweating
* Full 6-inch perfectly mold shield disperses pressure for better circulation
* Custom molds to your leg for a perfect fit that will not move around
* Custom molds to your gun to keep it securely in place
* Custom fit in minutes with the custom shield between your leg and the gun means amazing comfort
* Machine Washable so no more nasty smell like other holsters
* Stretch-to-shape holster design creates a perfect fit for your gun
* Comfortable, soft and stretchable
* Safety strap secures your gun safely in the holster till you need it, then use the Draw-Thru Quick Draw system.
* Two sizes available, Compact Semi-automatics and Subcompact/revolver (typically .380 or .22)
* Moderately priced for high quality
* Proudly made in the USA
* When choosing holster size on your Telor Tactical Holster our description of “sub-compact” is great for small frame .380, .22, and .25 cal handguns. The “compact” size holster fits most any compact handgun 9mm and higher, such as a .40 or .45 cal.

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