The Targamite Targabot Target Training System is designed for the shooter whose goal is to become more comfortable engaging the unexpected out in the real world. An individual who desires to achieve the skill and knowledge of a comfortable shooter who can engage in any unexpected situation out in the real world. That is the purpose of the Targabot – to build muscle memory in your shooting skills to apply when things begin to move out there. We do this by combining standard targets with programmable robotics.

Our end-user community would naturally be trainers within law enforcement, armed forces and self-defense communities, but would also embrace shooters who, for whatever reason, want more challenging and engaging target shooting experiences that could potentially pay dividends in an increasingly unpredictable environment.

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• Up & Down or 180° Rotational Movement Patterns or COMBINATIONS OF BOTH FUNCTIONS
• Light Weight for One Person Portability
• Autonomously or Remote Controlled
• Battery or AC Powered
• User Programmable: Comes with Built-In Sequence Patterns or Create Your Own on Your PC

• Reduction of time allocated to operator marksmanship and small arms skills development
• Enhancement of live-fire predictive engagement and marksmanship capabilities
• Produces dramatic improvement in critical rapid target acquisition effectiveness
• Random movement sequencing that more closely reflects unpredictable “field” conditions
• Random switching between “good guy” / “bad guy” / “hostage” targets
• Improvement of the operator’s ability to discern and react to enemy vs. non-combatants
• Complex, variable movement sequencing within a small footprint
• User programmability and simulation (via an easy graphic-oriented computer interface)
• Wireless remote control options (real-time sequencing by the user or trainer)
• Adaptability to accommodate different training requirements
• Difficulty and complexity ramping to accommodate individual user progress and pacing
• Networking of multiple units to create complex training and rehearsal scenarios
• Portability (less than 20 lbs. – one-person deployable)
• Long-distance control capability for the sniper and designated marksman
• Compatibility with all existing paper target formats
• Will accept future optional Laser Targets, Hit Counter and Virtual Gongs
• Battery or AC power (field or range deployable)
• Adaptors for hanging Targabots behind standard AR steel targets and other barriers
• Low price – the same cost as many static steel targets

• MSRP: $2,995
• Government Price: $2,495
• Special Introductory Pricing On the First 100 Units Ordered Before Release: $2,395
• Volume Discount: 10% Off All Units Purchased On Orders of 3 or More Units
• Term Financing Available To Qualified Purchasers: 1, 2 and 3 Year
• Limited Warranty: 1 Year (Extended Warranties Available)
• Available: May 2014

Targabot’s Basic Mode of Operation:

Jerry Miculek Targabot Teaser

Jerry Miculek Targabot Intro

Targabot – Robotic Target System

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