The Wright Leather Works Predator Pancake Holster is dual layered leather that is laminated and fully lined. The laminated layered leather is “flesh side to flesh side” to create the smooth grain lining on the inside. This lamination process also creates a robust shell while still lending that “love of leather” feel, and it features full grain leather inside and out to give you the smoothest lined holster available.

The Predator pancake holster can and should be worn anywhere that you, the carrier, feels most comfortable. We would suggest just behind your strong side hip in the 4 or 5 o’clock position. This seems to be the most common and the most comfortable position in our humble opinion. But everyone is different, so try it in a few places to see where this pancake holster will fit you best.

The Predator is an OWB pancake style belt slide holster meant to hold tightly to your body. This pancake holster is extremely low profile and slim for easy concealment. It holds very tightly to the body by design and is incredibly comfortable. In fact it is our favorite leather holster. It features a stiffening strap across the front of the holster to keep the mouth of the holster open for holstering. The Predator features 1-3/4″ belt slots that are punched so the holster rides at a 15° cant. It tilts forward but not to much, making it a perfect draw. Like all of our holster it also features a custom cut body shield that fits your specified gun and will not interfere with your draw. Wright Leather Works creates the holsters in accord to a huge list of handgun models.

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