Top 20 New High-Tech Survival Products - Inteliscope
Top 20 New High-Tech Survival Products - Inteliscope

In a potential life-or-death situation, any person would want the best high-tech products on the market to help their chances of survival. Stun guns that look like iPhones, smartphone adapters for thermal vision and environmental monitoring systems are just the tip of the iceberg. These brand new high-tech products from manufacturers like Celestron and TacProGear give anyone the necessary tools to survive, whether it’s at home, in the big city or in the wilderness. Check out our list below and equip yourself for the next time you need to be prepared!


Altus Brands Pro Ears

Altus Brands’ Pro Ears are electronic earmuffs that let outdoorsmen hear every sound around them while protecting their hearing from gunshots and other loud noises through Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology. All noises over 70 decibels are immediately reduced to half their volume through this technology. Pro Ears have no exterior wiring, and each earpiece contains a military-grade circuit board that’s impervious to the elements and compatible with mobile devices and scanners.

Brite-Strike USA Tactical Survival Knife

The Brite-Blade Tactical Light Survival Knife is a thin, high-quality folding knife with a built-in, detachable 45-lumen LED flashlight. The light can be removed and used independently, or mounted elsewhere with its magnetic base. This knife’s stainless steel blade features spring-assist opening and positive line lock. For emergency situations, the knife also contains a seatbelt cutter, a car-window punch and a magnesium fire-starter striking tool.

Carson Universal Optics Adapter

Top 20 New High-Tech Survival Products - Carson Universal Optics Adapter
Top 20 New High-Tech Survival Products – Carson Universal Optics Adapter

Carson’s new Universal Optics Adapter pairs your smartphone to spotting scopes, microscopes, binoculars, telescopes or night-vision scopes for easy viewing and close-up photography. It attaches in seconds to all popular phones, with or without a case, and self-centers automatically. To enlarge the image, simply wipe two fingers across the phone’s screen as if enlarging a photo.

Cheetah KU Stun Gun

Cheetah’s rechargeable, 4.8-million-volt KU Stun Gun delivers three forms of protection in one handy, compact device that fits into your hand. Its hard-plastic spikes deliver a punishing strike to assailants attacking from behind, and its grip helps deliver hard defensive knuckle/hammer punches. If that’s not enough, its powerful stun incapacitates attackers with the slightest touch.

Celestron FireCel

Celestron’s FireCel fits in the palm of your hand and will not only warm your fingers, but also provide handy illumination and convenient recharging for personal electronics. The FireCel has two temperature settings for its hand-warmer, a USB power pack in its side for recharging, and an LED flashlight out front for handy use in tight quarters. The FireCel includes a lithium polymer battery and comes with a storage bag and carrying strap.

Celestron TrekCel 3300

For hunters and hikers on the move, Celestron’s TrekCel 3300 offers a multitasking flashlight and USB power pack that features a bright 100-lumen LED light as well as a full charge for most smartphones. It comes with a 16-inch USB cable and seven adapters, including five that fit various smartphones. It’s powered by a 3300mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Guard Dog Security iStun

The new iStun stun gun from Skyline USA and Guard Dog Security looks like an iPhone, but would-be robbers or attackers won’t know what hit them when they’re jolted by this 3,800,000-volt stun gun. The iStun also has a built-in LED flashlight and comes with a charging cable for its internal rechargeable battery. The iStun comes with a leather carry case and features a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.


The new Inteliscope mounts atop rifles or handguns via a picatinny rail to become a rifle scope and digital multi-tool. It comes with an app that installs on iPhone or Android smartphones, and brings critical ballistics and environmental data to the shooter in real time. The app also puts crosshairs on the screen, which you sight in just like any other scope.

Kestrel DROP

The Kestrel DROP is a small, rugged, waterproof and accurate data-gathering device that lets you record and monitor environmental conditions while accessing and charting real-time wind and weather data on your smart device. It can be placed in multiple locations (inside, outside and even in water) to log specific conditions and transmit data via Bluetooth to an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Accumulated data can be accessed though the Kestrel Connect App, available through iTunes.

LokSak ShieldSak

The ShieldSak LokSak was made for the U.S. military to ensure sensitive documents and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets cannot be remotely scanned, tracked or hacked. The ShieldSak is made from a lightweight “Faraday cage” fabric that blocks RF signals capable of reading critical information. All signals are blocked from entering or leaking from the bag.

Meopta MeoPix iScoping Adapter

Meopta’s MeoPix iScoping Adapter is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The adapter was first introduced for iPhones, and provides a quick, easy way to take high-quality, long-range photos and videos in the field. Just slip your smartphone into the appropriate MeoPix adapter, attach its eyecup interface to a spotting scope or binoculars and start taking photos.

Midland Emergency Crank Radio & Flashlight

Midland’s ER-300 Emergency Crank Radio with NOAA weather radio and alerts is powered by solar energy, hand crank or its internal rechargeable battery. It also features a bright flashlight that uses Cree LEDs, and an SOS flashlight beacon that activates Morse code for emergency assistance. The radio also serves as a charging station for phones and tablets via a USB connection. In addition, it has an ultrasonic dog whistle to assist search-and-rescue teams, and a battery life of up to 25 hours.

ProForce NDUR Survival Canteen Kit

The new NDUR Survival Canteen Kit from ProForce Equipment packs all the emergency gear that backcountry hunters and hikers need inside a durable canteen with its own bright-orange carrying pouch. Inside the canteen is a whistle, a compass, a survival saw, a signal mirror, a reflective survival blanket, fire-starting striker steel and utility flame, and survival instructions. The 46-ounce canteen also features an advanced filtration system that’s able to purify up to 100 gallons of water.

Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15

The new Gun Tool Pro-AR15 packs functionality into a tactical, rugged frame to keep black guns firing reliably and accurately. This tool kit fits into your palm, compactly carrying 35 highly capable tools that work with ease and precision to fix or maintain your guns, including teardown, carbon scraping and reassembly. It’s perfect in the field, at the range or on the workbench.

StealthCam G42NG

When hunters need to monitor remote sites or tree stands, nothing is more reliable than StealthCam’s new G42NG remote-sensing camera. The 10-megapixel G42NG senses movements out to 100 feet in darkness with its 42 “black infrared emitters” and low-light retina. It then takes video (or one-to-nine images) per triggering. It can also tag photos with user-friendly GPS coordinates.

Summit Night Vision Group – Predatir

The Predatir night-vision system from the Summit Night Vision Group turns smartphones into thermal or digital viewing devices that can be handheld, mounted to vehicles or attached atop guns for viewing or shooting. The Predatir offers a versatile, affordable solution for low-light or no-light monitoring or shooting. The Predatir is compatible with Picatinny rail systems and comes in two versions—thermal imaging or digital night-vision sensor.

Survival Armor H-Warrior Vest

Survival Armor now offers the Grid-Hercules attachment system on its H-Warrior product line of tactical vests. The Grid-Hercules material replaces Cordura and MOLLE webbing attachment systems for greater strength with less weight. It’s also waterproof, flame-retardant and resistant to impact and abrasion.

TacProGear STASH Pack

The new STASH Pack from TacProGear was originally designed for Tier-One operators to collect evidence during raids on high-value targets. Its main compartment measures 8x14x19 inches, and its external pockets measure 4x5x12 inches, but when empty it folds up to slim 9×8-inch dimensions. It’s available in various color options, rapidly deploys from a packed position and opens into a mid-size, open-top pack.

ThermaCELL ProFlex Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL has introduced the ProFlex Heated Insole, a new version of its popular heated insoles. The ProFlex offers extendable use and increased flexibility. Its removable, rechargeable batteries can quickly be changed while the insole remains in the boot or shoe. These insoles also feature a remote control option that allows the user to control the unit’s overall heat output.

Vero Vellini Tactical Two-Point Sling

Top 20 New High-Tech Survival Products - Vero Vellini Tactical Two-Point Sling
Top 20 New High-Tech Survival Products – Vero Vellini Tactical Two-Point Sling

The Vero Vellini Tactical Two-Point Sling allows users to quickly, quietly and easily transition from a comfortable inverted high-chest carry to any shooting position. This sling, handmade from high-quality textile webbing, adjusts quickly by pulling out on its tethered loop buckle to release the sling’s tension and swing the firearm into position. It allows more than 24 inches of adjustment, allowing for versatile clothing options and customized fit with a variety of AR-style rifles.

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