The White River Fillet Knives feature blades of hard 54 Rockwell C scale steel, plus these knives are very flexible and yet hold a razor edge for hundreds of fish and are easy to sharpen when that time finally comes.

The standard handle is a good looking ergonomic designed hand-fitting black canvass Micarta or cork assembly. For overall extra strength these knives utilize a full-length hidden tang and the cork models finish off with a Micarta pommel and bolster. They have two models with blade lengths of 6″, 81/2″, and 11″. The first model is a traditional looking fillet knife with inline handle and blade. The second model called the Step-Up looks odd at first glance as the handle is positioned about an inch above the blade. However, this slick ergonomic design allows for greater eye hand coordination and provides extra knuckle clearance for very precise filleting.

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Both knives come with U.S. leather sheaths and like the knives are hand crafted in the U.S.

· Blade lengths: 6″, 81/2″, and 11″
· Overall lengths: 93/4″, 131/4″, and 153/4″
· Blade thickness: 0.065″
· Steel type: 440C (High Carbon Stainless)
· Hardness: 54 (Rockwell C Scale)–the blade is also cryogenic tempered
· Sheath: All leather

Standard Model with either Micarta or cork handle
6″-$120; 81/2″-$130; 11″-$140

Step-Up Model with either Micarta or Cork handle
6″-$130; 81/2″-$140; 11″-$150

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