For the “Ladies Only” column in the August 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, author Carrie Lightfoot described how female shooters have helped define their new, powerful role in the modern firearms market and gained confidence by being proactive in their own self-defense needs. Lightfoot is the founder of The Well Armed Woman, an online informational resource for female shooters.

“For women, today’s new reality requires some major changes. One significant change is the woman’s journey from being ‘the protected’ to becoming ‘the protector,’” says Lightfoot. “Today, women’s lives are in constant motion, most of it lived outside the home. Many women are single, possibly raising children on their own or building a career. To be protected by the men in their lives or by law enforcement is simply a fantasy. Women are ready to give up the dream of a knight in shining armor for a new reality with their own shiny, stainless 1911 holstered on their hip!” says Lightfoot.

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In describing her own introduction into the world of shooting and firearm ownership, Lightfoot details how she was motivated to start The Well Armed Woman. “It was out of frustration that I started The Well Armed Woman. My mission was to provide a comprehensive, intelligent and respectful web resource to educate, equip and empower woman shooters. A powerful community of like-minded women was born, and women were beginning to navigate their journey toward self-protector a little more easily,” says Lightfoot. “What quickly became very clear was that women were also hungry for the experience of shooting a firearm and for the opportunity to try different guns and calibers and ask questions. They were eager to train and grow proficient with their handguns, but needed a comfortable, safe and non-intimidating environment.”

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