Birchwood Casey Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target

When perfecting their form at the range, shooters want instant feedback to correct whatever problems they may have when firing.

With the all new Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target from Birchwood Casey, instant feedback is exactly what the shooter will get.

The immediate results of the Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target comes from a bright chartreuse “halo” that is produced around each shot, making it easy for the shooter to adjust their hold.

The Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target has a black background with the bad guy outlined in orange for great visibility. It measures 12×18 inches and is self-adhesive, making it easy to mount on any solid target backing.

Birchwood Casey also supplies the Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Targets with target pasters that can be placed over bullet holes to extend the life of the target.

Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Targets come in packs of five with 75 pasters for $15.20 and 12 packs with 180 pasters for $30.30. They can be purchased individually in multiples of 100 for $2.30 each.

The Shoot-N-C line from Birchwood Casey includes more than 30 other products, including the Shoot-N-C 2-inch Bull’s-eye Target and the Shoot-N-C 12-inch Sight-In Target

Birchwood Casey manufactures a complete line of products for shooting, gun finishing and maintenance. Products include spinner targets, Barricade, Gun Scrubber Solvent/Degreaser and Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish.

For more information on the Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target and other products from Birchwood Casey, please visit or call 800-746-6862.

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