Birchwood Casey Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target
The Birchwood Casey Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target produces a bright chartreuse “halo” around each shot.

When perfecting their form at the range, shooters want instant feedback to correct whatever problems they may have when firing.

With the all new Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target from Birchwood Casey, instant feedback is exactly what the shooter will get.

The immediate results of the Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target comes from a bright chartreuse “halo” that is produced around each shot, making it easy for the shooter to adjust their hold.

The Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target has a black background with the bad guy outlined in orange for great visibility. It measures 12×18 inches and is self-adhesive, making it easy to mount on any solid target backing.

Birchwood Casey also supplies the Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Targets with target pasters that can be placed over bullet holes to extend the life of the target.

Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Targets come in packs of five with 75 pasters for $15.20 and 12 packs with 180 pasters for $30.30. They can be purchased individually in multiples of 100 for $2.30 each.

The Shoot-N-C line from Birchwood Casey includes more than 30 other products, including the Shoot-N-C 2-inch Bull’s-eye Target and the Shoot-N-C 12-inch Sight-In Target

Birchwood Casey manufactures a complete line of products for shooting, gun finishing and maintenance. Products include spinner targets, Barricade, Gun Scrubber Solvent/Degreaser and Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish.

For more information on the Bad Guy Shoot-N-C Target and other products from Birchwood Casey, please visit or call 800-746-6862.

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