At the beginning of the 2013 GLOCK Training schedule, those GLOCK instructors who teach the GLOCK Armorers course took leave of their duties and gathered in Austria to renew their certifications. Tasked with developing a program that would be internationally agreed upon, the managers exchanged ideas and created a new protocol for unifying the training message. GLOCK America, based just outside of Montevideo, Uruguay, services all of the countries that make up Central and South America, as well as those Caribbean islands that are not U.S. interests. Tasked with creating and delivering a dynamic training program that would be highly adaptable to both police and military operations, the team quickly realized that, with the support structure already in place and with the relationships already established, the facilities in Uruguay would be the perfect background for a multi-national training event, the 2013 GLOCK America Workshop.

To make the four-day event a reality, the GLOCK America staff teamed up with volunteers from both the Uruguay Armed Forces (Ministry of Defense) and the state law enforcement agency, Uruguay’s Ministry of the Interior. In addition to the assistance of the two ministries, the workshop received support from the Weapons Collectors of Uruguay (AUCAM), which offered up the use of their ranges and facilities. Seven shooting bays were created for use by the armorers, providing the backdrop for the International Practical Shooting Competition (IPSC)-styled match in which attendees could participate. Once the logistics and dates of October 2-6, 2013, were secured, invitations were sent to law enforcement and military contacts throughout the region. The guest list was unprecedented; invitations were sent to Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Suriname, Curacao, Mexico, St. Lucia and Jamaica. Not to be left out, a civilian contingent was invited from GLOCK’s in-country representatives. These industry professionals would receive the same training as the officers and soldiers, giving them the tools to better support their country’s newest military and law enforcement armorers.

To add yet more buzz to the event, a special invitation was extended to and accepted by four-time World Speed Shooting champion and Team GLOCK Captain KC Eusebio. The former United States Army Marksmanship member and current GLOCK trainer proved invaluable in the demonstration portion of the event. The planning team decided that, when putting on an event of this magnitude, a social gathering befitting the occasion was called for. Attendees from the multi-national military units joined industry representatives, the Minister of the Interior, representatives from Guardia Republicana, the GEO, the Coraceros, the Commander of the Military Major Staff, and top brass from the Uruguayan Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior to inaugurate the 2013 GLOCK America Workshop.

Attending the first day of armorer training were 50 military personnel from 13 countries. Although the training is very detailed, the GLOCK’s simplistic design allows for easy retention and application of the skills learned. Completing the course and passing the test at the end, the group moved to the shooting range to participate in an instructional shooting session held by KC Eusebio. Performing a series of speed drills and action movements with the pistol, Eusebio demonstrated what each armorer knew already, that the world’s most reliable law enforcement and military pistol was born not only to serve, but also to race.

On the second day, 50 law enforcement personnel from the same 13 countries were trained in the same skill set as their military counterparts. When the officers successfully completed their training and passed their examinations, Eusebio took over with a different set of drills. Designed for the law enforcement personnel, Eusebio demonstrated drills specifically addressed to the scenarios law enforcement officers often encounter in their duties.

The third day called for a change in format, as this was the day reserved for GLOCK shooters, fans and interested civilians. Space was at a premium, as the seats filled fast when the program was announced, and all who signed up arrived for the event. The presentations touched on the unique operation of the GLOCK handgun, the features that make the pistol the easiest and safest pistol to learn to shoot, and the features that make the Gen4 versions the most sought-after pistols on the Central and South American market. Closing down the day’s events was the ever-exuberant Eusebio, who staged a display of his blinding speed, target acquisition and ability to read the field of fire.

The final day brought more than 150 participants to the range to take part in a seven-stage, all-GLOCK 9×19 IPSC-style pistol match. Volunteers manned the timers and took on scorekeeping roles, while the staff ran the match administration. Unique to the event was the fact that no holsters were needed. Magazines were staged at reload points, and shooters moved with empty magazines to allow novice shooters the ability to experience a match unlike any other. In the end, all of the participants were elated with the instruction, the demonstration, the facilities, the prizes and the pure enjoyment of congregating with other GLOCK enthusiasts who, like them, valued the efforts of the dedicated GLOCK staff and volunteers as they worked to make the event a safe, fun and knowledge-filled four days.

The vision for GLOCK Training has always been to make something daunting become simple, and something simple become exciting. Judging from the friendships made by the representatives of the 13 nations, who stood up from the table with handshakes, smiles and a newfound sense of brotherhood, the event was a success—if for no other reason than the unity it wove between nations in the pursuit of a single cause: acquiring a better working knowledge of the world’s greatest handgun.

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