EAA Pavona's Cork Compartment Concealed- Carry Purse
EAA Pavona's Cork Compartment Concealed- Carry Purse

The Cork Compartment Concealed-Carry Purse Set is a combination of safety, security and stylish concealment by EAA Pavona. The Pistol and Purse Set combines an intelligently designed concealed-carry purse with the Witness Pavona Compact Polymer Pistol; sold together as a set; a combination of safety, security and stylish concealment. The New 2014 EAA Pavona Concealed-Carry Purse is tastefully designed with a sophisticated concealed carry edge. Constructed with high quality materials and a reinforced structure, the external beauty is matched with an advanced carry system. Hook and loop attachments allow the user to adjust for a user-unique griping and retrieval style. The polymer retention holster ensures proper placement, every time, even if the purse or its contents shift. A secure center-placement in the separate concealed carry compartment employs quick firearm acquisition when minutes count. Every model is assembled in the USA with high grade materials and hardware in a variety of textures and finishes; available in a Messenger style or Compartment purse design.

The Witness PAVONA Polymer Pistol - Fandago
The Witness PAVONA Polymer Pistol – Fandago

Additional features include right or left hand access points with a lockable zipper and an adjustable, steel cable-lined shoulder strap for added security. Ships with a WITNESS PAVONA Compact Polymer Pistol from Tanfoglio. Compact, EASY TO LOAD and EASY TO CONTROL with tuned springs and a reduced recoil system; the Witness Pavona is beautiful and enjoyable to shoot. Also features an ergonomic grip in a distinct, lightweight, compact, sparkling polymer frame with integral checkering and sculptured, contoured lines while still maintaining an external safety and external hammer. The Witness PAVONA Pistol is beautifully designed, elegantly packaged and can now be shipped in combination with a NEW Concealed Carry Purse.

Firearm ownership among women is on the rise, yet much of the cosmetic features and presentation of today’s firearms and accessories are primarily designed by men for men. EAA Corp, never one to follow the beaten path, decided it was time to create a line made just for women.

For more information on the EAA PAVONA Cork Compartment Concealed-Carry Pistol and Purse Set, visit http://www.eaacorp.com

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