Dog Attacks Robber

Jager, a mastiff and great dane mix did his owners proud, when he attacked a person breaking into their Florida home earlier this month. One of the reasons many people give for getting a large dog is home protection. “I heard a loud crash. My dog started going nuts, and I jumped up ran out and he had somebody by the right arm shaking,” said Christopher Ceasario, who had been sleeping in his Deltona, Florida home. The intruder was able to break free of the dog and escape. Investigators using a K-9 unit to track the suspect afterwards believe he used a getaway car, because they couldn’t track him past the street.

But, Jager’s actions gave authorities at the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office a valuable clue: a bloody hand print. Investigators are conducting DNA analysis on it hoping it could yield more information, but the family mostly thanks the dog for preventing the situation from escalating. “Who knows what he would have done if my dog didn’t wake up,” Ceasario told the news station. The Sheriff’s office is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. According to the police report, the man was skinny and of an unknown race, wearing all black and a face covering. There would be bite marks in his right arm.

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