Heart of Texas Guns
Heart of Texas Guns in Abilene, Texas.

It’s no secret that one of the largest growing portions of the firearms community is women.

Cat Colson and her husband, Brooks, opened Heart of Texas Guns with the female shooter in mind.

Helping new female shooters with questions and guiding experience shooters is a big part of was the Colsons do.

“We want to focus on those people because a lot of questions are asked,” Cat told KTXS12 in Abilene. “There’s a lot of information they need to take in before they can make the right choice.”

According to BigCountryHomepage.com, Cat has taken further steps to help continue the growth of the female shooting community.

Colson is going through the National Rifle Association Instructor Certification and has started a local chapter of the Well Armed Woman in Abilene. She hosts a gun club to help educate women about shooting for self-defense and as a sport.

The Heart of Texas Guns homepage says that the Colsons “are lifelong shooters and gun enthusiasts. Brooks is retired from the United States Air Force and a career in real estate. Cat was a real estate and marketing executive. They both collect guns and decided there was no better way to spend their days than buying, selling and trading firearms.”

Heart of Texas Guns is located at 713 S. Leggett in Abilene, Texas.

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