FREE self defense

HOUSE Fitness offers what it calls a realistic defense class that shows people how to fight back in real situations. After reports of attacks in the Kansas City metropolitan area, a Lee’s Summit gym is offering an opportunity for people to learn self-defense for free. The classes are available to men, women and children. Instructors said it doesn’t matter how big an attacker is, there are ways to be aware of one’s surroundings and eliminate size differences by using the body in a series of mini-attacks to overcome an aggressor.

Owner Fale Gatoloai said he started the free class because he wants his wife and children to be safe when he isn’t there. “If you’re not there, they’re at least able to use some of that skill to get them out of a certain situation,” he said. “You don’t have to be a martial artist. You don’t have to be a kickboxer. You don’t have to be a wrestler,” said instructor Pedro Carrillo. “You do, however, have to want to live. And that’s what we try to empower you to do.”

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