GLOCK Saw Back Sand Survival Knife
GLOCK Saw Back Sand Survival Knife

The GLOCK saw back survival knife is a no-nonsense GLOCK knife that features a tough 6 1/2 inch carbon steel clip point blade and molded polymer hilt, tough enough to break windows or cut through the toughest tree limb, yet perfectly balanced for appropriate conditions. The Survival Knife is a perfect addition to any tool kit, field pack or belt. Developed in close cooperation with Austrian Army Rangers, the The one-piece polymer sheath is ideal for keeping the 3/16 inch blade protected. The set includes an integral retention system to keep your GLOCK knife secure during times of extreme activity. Available in olive drab, desert sand, or midnight black.

* Total Length: 290 mm / 11.4 in
* Blade: 165 mm / 6.5 in
* Weight: 202 g / 7.13 oz
* Grip: Polymer
* Blade: Spring Steel HRC 55,

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