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Orlando Police Officers stated that thieves often target gun shows, knowing valuables will be left in cars. Orlando PD are searching for the thieves who broke into cars outside the Southern Knife and Gun Show. “I actually parked right up front, where the highest traffic was, thinking it was the safest spot,” said Daniel McNaughton an attendee of the show. McNaughton just had his car window repaired after it was smashed out, over the weekend at the Knife and Gun Show.

“I was out of my car for an hour at the show, went back and saw that my car had been broken into,” he said. The gun show took place at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. According to police, a total of four cars were broken into. The thieves took off with guns, a camera, ammunition, as well as other items. “I had a laptop, computer accessories, a couple of duffel bags from my trunk were stolen,” said McNaughton.

A spokesperson with the Central Florida Fair said both the fair and promoter hired five off-duty officers for security last weekend, adding that the safety of their customers is more important than anything else. “I was very surprised it happened at a gun show. The amount of police that were in the gun show made me feel like it was safer,” McNaughton said.

Fair management said the victims were not parked on fairground property but were on a city-owned lot, where a soccer field is located. “I definitely think, at the gun shows, there should be more security in the parking lot,” said McNaughton, who recommends that people leave valuables at home.

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